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“Sometimes it’s with a tinge of humor and most of the times it’s with love--but whatever emotion or feeling John Stevens Jr. expresses with his music, it is always done with passion!” 

Annie James, WKOA Lafayette IN

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John has a knack for writing theme-based songs, as well as weaving humor into his music. His cleverly written song, She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me, received national attention in 2014—and the accompanying YouTube video went viral. Due to the notoriety of this song, and a couple subsequent sports-themed songs, Bleeding Colts Blueand Deflated Balls, John has been seen on CNN, Fox 59 and Channel 13 in Indianapolis. His songs and associated videos were also broadcast on radio and TV stations across the United States. Stories about his videos have been featured in dozens of news websites and blogs across the country. The nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show and the Smiley In The Morning Show invited him as a guest. His latest writing endeavors have focused a very human and patriotic lens on this county’s political season and debate over demonstration of patriotism.