Based out of Indiana, John Stevens, Jr. has been an active performing songwriter for more than 30 years. His professional music career launched at the age of 21, and John began playing in local bars, clubs and at private parties all over central Indiana. He has an expansive, diversified repertoire of music at his fingertips and an uncanny ability to please any crowd when he performs. His talent for connecting and interacting with his audience allows him to tailor each show to the mood and desires of the people in the room. As a result, John’s shows are unique and engaging—leaving his listeners wanting more. To book a show, contact John for more information.

John's inspiration for writing songs was sparked at about the age of 15 after a classmate and Best Friend was killed in an automobile accident. That was the event that moved John to explore that internal emotional side of his heart and he has been creating his own music ever since. John is an active and prolific songwriter, whose catalog of songs range fromHeart Break to Love BalladsDrinking and Living Fast songs to those about his Faith, Family and FriendsTouching Tributes to Our Veterans and tongue-in-cheek tunes John likes to call, Songs You Can't Play For Momma. They all come from honest explorations of the human spirit. Early in his career, John published his first two songs through Coal Dust Music—one of Loretta Lynn’s publishing companies. SESAC currently represents him as his Performing Rights Organization. He continues today to write and offer his music for electronic download through his Music Store (and several web-based stores, including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play). Explore his music today! 

His newest endeavor is turning his music into song videos. In January, 2014, John released a YouTube video of one of his original works, She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me. This song, originally recorded at home to entertain his friends, quickly became a media buzz. It garnered an incredible amount of Social Media, TV, Radio and News exposure across the nation in the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl—and now, continues to climb in views on his YouTube page (currently over 62,000 views), and is a frequently requested song at John’s shows. Eric Barr, Red Rooster Radio in Crawfordsville, Indiana, describes it well, “It’s a catchy little tune that sticks with you!” He has created several more kitchen-table videos and released Bleeding Colts Blue and Deflated Balls (both videos once again swept across the nation and garnered incredible attention. Learn more by checking out his Videos page on this site or visit YouTube.





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