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From Peyton To Politics: John Stevens Jr Introduces New Music Video —

Who Wants To Be My President

After gaining national attention by breaking into the sports world with his wildly popular music video, She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me, John Stevens Jr is now busting into the political season with his new YouTube music video, Who Wants To Be My President. With a slight touch of humor, a call for the return of simple common values and a deep sense of pride for country, this song and video are sure to elicit powerful, long-lasting emotions. Politically motivated, heart-felt generated and visually impacted, this music video will leave you asking the question, Who Wants To Be My President

Media Ink

John’s music videos generate an incredible amount of attention from fans and media alike, including appearances on TV and radio stations from Denver, Indianapolis, Baltimore and New York. He has been invited as a guest to perform on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show and at The Colts Blue Room in Lucas Oil Stadium (Home of the Indianapolis Colts). John also has had 3 Music videos played on the CBS Sports Network NFL Pre Game Show TOPS during the 2014 NFL Football Season. Soon to be featured in the upcoming release of Elysian Fashion Magazine.

She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me

Bleeding Colts Blue

Brown’s Wonder

 My music is available on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay.

My music is available on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay.

  • Sometimes it’s with a tinge of humor…and most of the times it’s with love…but whatever emotion or feeling John expresses with his music, it is always done with passion! Annie James, WKOA105.3
  • I love John Stevens’ song Brown’s Wonder. It blew me away the first time I heard it. I don’t know where songs like that come from. I don’t want to know. And…at the same time, John penned a song that went viral with Peyton Manning.! Hell, a guy who can kill me with a song and then sell the dickens out of another one is alright with me! More power to John Stevens Jr. Thom Jutz, Nashville Songwriter/Producer
  •  Fresh off the release of his third album, Browns wonder, john is holding strong within his country roots and it shows in his style. A very impressive singer/songwriter. What some people miss is that there is a great talent behind those songs. The good ole country boy with a heart of gold, yea that's John Stevens Jr. Brother Brother Productions

Fans Say

  Check out my feature in Elysian Fashion Magazine

Check out my feature in Elysian Fashion Magazine

  • Great singer and songwriter. Love how in every song you sing you are telling a story.
  • Your show has something for everyone in a small venue. In this loud and busy world, we need more entertainment like this!
  • You always make your show about and for your audience. You were born for this sweet music man.
  • Lighthearted, fun entertainment with classic, current and great original music.
  • The music he writes and performs will keep a smile on your face or provoke your feet to dance.

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   Who Wants To Be My President  is available on iTunes

Who Wants To Be My President is available on iTunes

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