I'll Find Better Things To Do

You know me...I had to write a song about what's going on with the NFL and our National Anthem. Here's a Tribute to our Veterans--all of those who have sacrificed so much for all of us. Watch and Share the video, "I'll Find Better Things To Do". 

Listen to the studio recording of "I'll Find Better Things To Do"

As a tribute to Veteran's Day in 2017, I released a full-production recording of "I'll Find Better Things To Do" just in time for Veteran's Day and NFL Boycott Sunday. Download a free copy of "I'll Find Better Things To Do" and share it with a Veteran! Click the "Download" button below to begin the download.


Enjoy the Original Music Video...

Since its release a year ago, it has received more than 153k views on facebook.


I've Got Better Thnigs To Do_John a small.jpg

Check Out Our Lyric Video...

Released about a month after the living room recording of this song, the lyric video has received more than 42k views on Facebook.