Make America Together Again

Song helping bring a country together again

Bob Cox | Jan 28, 2017

Two local singer/songwriters want to see the country become united again after the tumultuous presidential campaign that put Donald J. Trump into the Oval Office. So, John Stevens Jr. and John Suter have recently released their song “Love Trumps Hate” and it is proving to be popular on YouTube after only one week of being downloaded onto the popular social media platform. Click Here to watch LOVE TRUMPS HATE Video now.

Stevens and Suter have been disturbed by the constant bantering going on between Trump supporters and those who oppose the president. Both men feel the election is over and it is time to come together so America can become united once again.

“The message in the song is that we have a new president and we need to give the guy a chance,” Stevens said. “No matter what anyone’s political view is, we should all agree the country needs to come together.”

Stevens said the idea of the song came before the November election. But, due to the schedules of the two musicians, they did not get together until December. Stevens does admit he and Suter tend to lead toward conservative points of views, but sees the song as being more patriotic than just another tune about conservatism. In fact, he has been performing the song in his recent concerts and is surprised with the positive responses he receives.

“I have been singing the song at my shows for a good month now, and I am surprised all the positive responses I am getting,” Stevens said. “Even on my Facebook page and on YouTube, the song has not received any negative comments.”

Stevens said the song has had 2,200 views this week on YouTube and he has actually picked up more followers on Facebook and Twitter. Fox News contributor Harlan Hill recently liked Stevens’ Twitter account. After writing the song, the duo contacted national recording artist Tim Wright of The Wright Brothers. Wright decided to lend his talents to the video and can be seen playing the bass guitar and string guitar. The video was directed by Taylor Blythe and produced by Michael Lyons at Big Creek Project Studio in Fishers. The video can be seen  on YouTube and on Stevens’ website

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John Stevens Jr

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John's inspiration for writing songs was sparked at the age of 15 after a classmate and best friend was killed in an automobile accident. That event that moved John to explore the internal emotional side of his heart--and he has been creating his own music ever since. John is an active and prolific songwriter, whose catalog of songs range from Heart Break to Love Ballads, Drinking and Living Fast songs to those about his Faith, Family and Friends, Touching Tributes To Our Veterans and tongue-in-cheek tunes John likes to call, Songs You Can't Play For Momma. They all come from honest explorations of the human spirit.

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