The Indianapolis Colts and “Bleeding Colts Blue” Both on a Roll

The Indianapolis Colts are getting hot at just the right time – and so is a new music video by Indiana singer songwriter John Stevens Jr. Stevens released his latest acoustic music video “Bleeding Colts Blue” on Saturday, December 21st – one week after the Indianapolis Colts clinched the top spot in the AFC South Division. With this Sunday’s playoff match up in Denver between the Colts and the Broncos, and two of the leagues Premier Quarterbacks in Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, the video is picking up momentum with Colts Fans (Currently over 2900 YouTube views)!
Stevens received National attention with his previous Music Videos “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” – receiving over 94,000 views and TV and radio appearances, including the CBS SPORTS Network NFL Sunday Pregame Show TOPS. 
 “Bleeding Colts Blue” was shot by Brandon Froedge and Nina Monroe (Ministry Productions). It was filmed from the top level of a parking garage that sits adjacent to the massive Lucas Oil Stadium, which serves as an incredible visual backdrop in the video. Stevens, a long-time Colts fan, is calling “Bleeding Colts Blue” a Playoff Push song and is hoping the entire Colt Nation will get behind the song – and it can be used as a rallying cry to push the Colts all the way to a Super Bowl Victory!
Visit to view the “Bleeding Colts Blue” video.
John Stevens Jr. has been entertaining audiences with his music and his songs for over 30 years. Find more information about John Stevens Jr:

John Stevens Jr

John Stevens Jr Music / Haydensong Music, Crawfordsville, IN

Based out of Crawfordsville, Indiana, John Stevens Jr. has been an active performing songwriter for more than 35 years. His professional music career launched at the age of 21, when John began playing in local bars, clubs and at private parties all over Indiana. He has an expansive, diversified repertoire of music at his fingertips and an uncanny ability to please any crowd when he performs. His talent for connecting and interacting with his audience allows him to tailor each show to the mood and desires of the people in the room. As a result, John’s shows are unique and engaging—leaving his listeners wanting more.

John's inspiration for writing songs was sparked at the age of 15 after a classmate and best friend was killed in an automobile accident. That event that moved John to explore the internal emotional side of his heart--and he has been creating his own music ever since. John is an active and prolific songwriter, whose catalog of songs range from Heart Break to Love Ballads, Drinking and Living Fast songs to those about his Faith, Family and Friends, Touching Tributes To Our Veterans and tongue-in-cheek tunes John likes to call, Songs You Can't Play For Momma. They all come from honest explorations of the human spirit.

I’m a Picker, Grinner, Lover, Sinner, Love God, USA, Colts, Pacers, IU, Peyton Songwriter, Foodie & Political Junkie. And, be careful what you say around me--it may end up in a song!” --John Stevens Jr.