“She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” Single And Video Released

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Indiana (September 27, 2014) Performing Songwriter, John Steven’s Jr. released his newly recorded “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” single and YouTube video September 20, 2014—and hopes its quickly spreading popularity will benefit Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent.
As a result of national attention received earlier this year for his initial YouTube video release of “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” (what Stevens likes to refer to as the ‘little kitchen table video’), Stevens decided to record a studio version of his self-penned song and create a new music video. The music video, directed by Taylor Blythe, was filmed and produced using volunteers in central Indiana, including firefighters, veterans, gymnasts, cheerleaders and bikers. A large group out of Steven’s fan base volunteered to participate in the “live show” scenes. Co-leading in the video with Stevens was Eddie Horan. The result is a fun, fast-paced video that compliments the little tongue-in-cheek tune about wives and girlfriends who love Peyton Manning more than their significant others.
The new single “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me”, recorded as a part of Stevens new Brown’s Wonder album, and the music video premiered on September 20, 2014 to a packed house at Stevens’ Brown’s Wonder CD release party hosted by the B2 Country Saloon in Brownsburg, Indiana. The YouTube video was launched live at the CD release party. Since its release on YouTube and the positive viewer response,  the music video has received more than 10,631 views in the last week; and is expected to spread quickly across the nation like its predecessor, released in January of this year.

Stevens, a Peyton Manning fan, is very excited to have partnered with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent in an effort to benefit others with this song. Stevens says, “It was just a natural fit since the hospital is a huge part of Peyton Manning’s legacy in Indianapolis—and one of his biggest charities. To be able to do something good for others with my music is a true blessing. I am honored to be able to give a portion of our proceeds back to them.” The single is now available for sale on Stevens’ website at www.JohnStevensJrMusic.com and other music retailers like iTunes and Amazon

The original version of “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” was recorded at Stevens’ kitchen table on an iPad and posted on YouTube to amuse his friends —just two weeks before the Super Bowl. It was an internet sensation with nearly 10,000 views occurring the first three days after it was posted. It resulted in Stevens appearing on TV and radio stations from Denver, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and New York. The video was streamed on sites such as HLNTV, Yardbarker and WXRT CBSLocal News. Stevens was also invited as a guest to perform his song on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show. This “little kitchen table video” received over 59,000 views in the 13 days leading up to the Super Bowl—with new viewers continuing to find the video. To date the original YouTube video has received over 64,849 views.
The single “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” was recorded as a part of Stevens’ new album Brown’s Wonder, which also premiered on September 20th. Stevens’ new album is a collection of seven songs that are a departure from today’s commercial country cross-genre music styling to a more simplistic, traditional country-feeling album with straight forward lyrics about life, love, good times and lessons learned. While having his writing hand in all the songs on the album, Stevens chose to include two songs on the project that he co-wrote with veteran, Nashville hit songwriter, Stan Webb. The Album was produced by Thomm Jutz and Recorded at TJ Tunes Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Songs on the Brown's Wonder Album may be previewed at http://johnstevensjrmusic.com/browns-wonder-pr (Password is brownswonder96). Stevens has premiered songs from his Brown’s Wonder Album as a guest on K105-WKOA in Lafayette, Indiana and WIMC Thunder 103.9 in Crawfordsville, Indiana.
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MP3 of “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” is attached.

To view the “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” music video, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LB68Z-Z_v8

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