Press Release 10/14/14


I'm sending this email because the recent release of a song and video is supporting a really good cause...and we are requesting your help in sharing this news with others in the community.
John Steven's Jr. recently released his single She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me after receiving national attention for posting a “little kitchen table video” on Youtube earlier this year (it continues to receive views on Youtube and has over 65,400 views today). The newly released single (recorded in Nashville and produced by Thomm Jutz) is accompanied by a new video (directed by Taylor Blythe) that is fun to watch and complements John’s little tongue-in-cheek tune about the wives and girlfriends who love Peyton Manning more than their significant others.
In an effort to share the successes of this song with others in need, John partnered with St.Vincent so that a portion of the proceeds fromShe Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me will benefit Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. John says, “It was just a natural fit since the hospital is a huge part of Peyton Manning’s legacy in Indianapolis—and one of his biggest charities. To be able to do something good for others with my music is a true blessing. I am honored to be able to give a portion of our proceeds back to them”.
John presented his first benefit check to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital on October 9, 2014 and spent some time playing music for some of the patients at the hospital. John shared with his fan base after the event, “Thanks to your donations and purchases, we were able to take the first step in making a difference!” The song can be purchased online at vendors like iTunes and Amazon or through John’s website,
The She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me video is receiving great response on Youtube (over 16,440 since Sept 20th). And as a result, John has received recognition through the Journal Review, and on the Denver 9News, as well as air play on Denver radio station 99.1 KMTS. The video has also been shared on numerous Peyton Manning Facebook fan pages, including the Denver Broncos Booster Club.
We are looking for assistance in spreading the word to others about the release of the She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me video and single; and how others can support this good cause. We think you can help us do that! We are hoping you will be willing to post the video on your website or Facebook page and/or write a story about the She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me video. Any efforts to assist in supporting John’s efforts to benefit Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital through this song is greatly appreciated.

John Stevens Jr

John Stevens Jr Music / Haydensong Music, Crawfordsville, IN

Based out of Crawfordsville, Indiana, John Stevens Jr. has been an active performing songwriter for more than 35 years. His professional music career launched at the age of 21, when John began playing in local bars, clubs and at private parties all over Indiana. He has an expansive, diversified repertoire of music at his fingertips and an uncanny ability to please any crowd when he performs. His talent for connecting and interacting with his audience allows him to tailor each show to the mood and desires of the people in the room. As a result, John’s shows are unique and engaging—leaving his listeners wanting more.

John's inspiration for writing songs was sparked at the age of 15 after a classmate and best friend was killed in an automobile accident. That event that moved John to explore the internal emotional side of his heart--and he has been creating his own music ever since. John is an active and prolific songwriter, whose catalog of songs range from Heart Break to Love Ballads, Drinking and Living Fast songs to those about his Faith, Family and Friends, Touching Tributes To Our Veterans and tongue-in-cheek tunes John likes to call, Songs You Can't Play For Momma. They all come from honest explorations of the human spirit.

I’m a Picker, Grinner, Lover, Sinner, Love God, USA, Colts, Pacers, IU, Peyton Songwriter, Foodie & Political Junkie. And, be careful what you say around me--it may end up in a song!” --John Stevens Jr.