Make America Together Again

Song helping bring a country together again

Bob Cox | Jan 28, 2017

Two local singer/songwriters want to see the country become united again after the tumultuous presidential campaign that put Donald J. Trump into the Oval Office. So, John Stevens Jr. and John Suter have recently released their song “Love Trumps Hate” and it is proving to be popular on YouTube after only one week of being downloaded onto the popular social media platform. Click Here to watch LOVE TRUMPS HATE Video now.

Stevens and Suter have been disturbed by the constant bantering going on between Trump supporters and those who oppose the president. Both men feel the election is over and it is time to come together so America can become united once again.

“The message in the song is that we have a new president and we need to give the guy a chance,” Stevens said. “No matter what anyone’s political view is, we should all agree the country needs to come together.”

Stevens said the idea of the song came before the November election. But, due to the schedules of the two musicians, they did not get together until December. Stevens does admit he and Suter tend to lead toward conservative points of views, but sees the song as being more patriotic than just another tune about conservatism. In fact, he has been performing the song in his recent concerts and is surprised with the positive responses he receives.

“I have been singing the song at my shows for a good month now, and I am surprised all the positive responses I am getting,” Stevens said. “Even on my Facebook page and on YouTube, the song has not received any negative comments.”

Stevens said the song has had 2,200 views this week on YouTube and he has actually picked up more followers on Facebook and Twitter. Fox News contributor Harlan Hill recently liked Stevens’ Twitter account. After writing the song, the duo contacted national recording artist Tim Wright of The Wright Brothers. Wright decided to lend his talents to the video and can be seen playing the bass guitar and string guitar. The video was directed by Taylor Blythe and produced by Michael Lyons at Big Creek Project Studio in Fishers. The video can be seen  on YouTube and on Stevens’ website

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Indiana Musician Starts Politcal Conversation With America

"Who Wants To Be My President?"

By Neil Bent February 3, 2016


One man has challenged this year’s candidates to justify their nominations to the country’s silent majority by asking, ‘Who Wants To Be My President?’

( -- February 3, 2016) Crawfordsville, Indiana -- Normally, presidential wannabees ask voters to select them, rallying support behind grandiose pledges, but one man has succinctly voiced the frustrations of the country’s silent majority, by asking this year’s candidates, ‘Who Wants To Be My President?’

Nationally acclaimed Indiana singer-songwriter, John Stevens Jr, has officially launched his latest offering ‘Who Wants To Be My President?’ to coincide with the first state Caucuses in this year’s presidential race. Challenging the hopefuls to justify themselves as his choice for President, as well as the choice of millions of other Americans, Stevens penned the song after becoming disillusioned with the political rhetoric seen daily in the nation’s media.

From making the decision to commentate in the political arena to having a finished song written took just four hours such was his passion to ‘start a conversation with America’ as he describes it. The message behind the song is pretty straightforward.

He wants the electorate to call the shots with voters considering carefully who they eventually install in the Whitehouse. He calls for the return of simple commonsense values and demands a deep sense of pride for the country. Though politically motivated, Who Wants To Be My President?, in the country americana style, manages to retain the touch of humor Stevens has become known for.

Ahead of its official launch this week, the video that accompanies the catchy tune has already had over five and a half thousand views online, generated through word of mouth alone. Containing sentiments such as the desire for a candidate "who talks straight out their mouth and not both sides," Stevens seems to have perfectly captured the straight talking observations and desires of the average American voter.

Stevens says: “From the feedback I’ve already had, it’s clear that I have touched a nerve with many people. The song’s simple heartfelt lyrics have proved more powerful than I’d hoped, rekindling enthusiasm for genuine political debate rather than glitzy show-rallies among experienced voters and igniting the passions of some of those who will take part in this year’s elections for the first time.”

Fans would seem to agree with music message boards containing comments like; “Great Song John!!!  I am posting this and sharing everywhere.” “We need more common sense words like this to put our country back on track.” And, “Loved the song. If only it could be this simple, we would all be happier, calmer, more caring, and able to support the same person to lead the country. What a wonderful world it would be.”

In terms of scheduling, the release of Stevens’s emotional plea couldn’t have been better timed with a major feature article on the singer-songwriter in the Elysian Fashion magazine set to hit newsstands and subscribers’ homes in mid-February. And, given this week’s Iowa Caucuses, where big voter turnouts proved the electorate is determined to have its say on what could be one of the most important elections in recent times, momentum behind the song is really building.

Stevens continues: “The upcoming election is vitally important for how the US will be seen in the eyes of the world and has the potential to be life changing for many people. In an ideal world, I’d like the presidential candidates to take on board my message, our message as plain talking Americans, and maybe then the front runners will realise that the race for the Whitehouse isn’t as clear cut as they may like it to be.”

That certainly seems to be the message emanating from the counts in Iowa. On the Republican side, Donald Trump isn't untouchable; Ted Cruz will be a formidable opponent especially given his strong evangelical support, while Marco Rubio has given the conservative establishment hope. As far as the Democrats are concerned, it’s shaping up to be more of a dogfight than originally anticipated between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with the pre-poll myth that any one candidate would steamroller their way to Washington DC apparently dispelled.

And it’s not the first time Stevens has picked up on the zeitgeist either, with this single’s release following on the heels of his well-received country classic ‘She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me.’ Released in 2014, and enjoying renewed interest given Manning’s forthcoming appearance in Superbowl 50, the fun song and viral video were inspired by the wives and girlfriends who love Peyton Manning more than their significant others – including Stevens’s own girlfriend!

Recorded in Nashville, the tongue-in-cheek tune brought national attention to the singer-songwriter’s work with a combined 120,000 online views in all its guises, helping to generate exposure in print, on radio, at live shows, among NFL watchers and on television as well as raising much needed funds for Peyton Manning’s Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, thanks to the generosity of Stevens who donated 25% of all the single’s earnings to the charity.

The new song is a more serious offering than its sports-related predecessor but both videos were directed by the same man, Taylor Blythe. This second collaboration was shot on location at a number of venues around central Indiana, including the City of Lebanon Municipal Building, local farms and even on Stevens’s porch. Fans, family and friends got involved to give the video a real community feel.

Stevens concludes: “Together, the song and video are something I am tremendously proud of and I’m so grateful to my fan base, relatives and friends for volunteering to be part of this project. I couldn’t have done it without their support. Now, all I hope is that the conversation I think America so desperately needs begins in earnest.”

‘Who Wants To Be My President?’ is available to buy through several web-based stores, including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play as well as via John’s website where it is priced at just 99 cents.


Interviews, further editorial information and photography available from John Stevens Jr – or 1-317-442-0154.

John Stevens Jr Is A Special Feature In Elysian Magazine



The Americana Symbol representing the world in his music.  Elysian Fashion Magazine is proud to feature one of our very own STARS; country singer and songwriter, John Stevens, Jr.   We are excited to officially announce John's new video debut of "Who Wants To Be My President"!  Politically Motivated.  Heartfelt Generated.  Visually Impacted.  

This Presidential run will be the first that carries no age groups.  People all over the world have a great interest in which will most definitely be a life-changing event.  John sings from his heart the words we all feel.  He incorporates a political view, humor and pulls that sense of deep emotion from you.  You don't want to miss this! 

-- Elysian Fashion Magazine

Press Release 10/14/14

Press Release 10/14/14

John Steven's Jr. recently released his single She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me after receiving national attention for posting a “little kitchen table video” on Youtube earlier this year (it continues to receive views on Youtube and has over 65,400 views today). The newly released single (recorded in Nashville and produced by Thomm Jutz) is accompanied by a new video (directed by Taylor Blythe) that is fun to watch and complements John’s little tongue-in-cheek tune about the wives and girlfriends who love Peyton Manning more than their significant others.

The Indianapolis Colts and “Bleeding Colts Blue” Both on a Roll

The Indianapolis Colts and “Bleeding Colts Blue” Both on a Roll

The Indianapolis Colts are getting hot at just the right time – and so is a new music video by Indiana singer songwriter John Stevens Jr. Stevens released his latest acoustic music video “Bleeding Colts Blue” on Saturday, December 21st – one week after the Indianapolis Colts clinched the top spot in the AFC South Division. With this Sunday’s playoff match up in Denver between the Colts and the Broncos, and two of the leagues Premier Quarterbacks in Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, the video is picking up momentum with Colts Fans